The most important basis for determining my fees is of course the length of the source text. However, determining my fees does not end at counting the characters and words. Texts with an identical number of characters may make very different demands to translating them. A text in general language about the weather for instance is very different from a text in specialist language about how to operate a machine. Again, both are very different from texts in legal language such as contracts. These different requirements or demands result in different processing times. However, I only differentiate between translations in general language, translations in specialist language, and patent translations.

Beyond merely translating, you may require additional services such as converting a PDF file to an editable file, formatting etc. so that your target text looks just like your source text. In order to represent these additional services I would have to calculate with a different fee per unit of text length (word, standard line, character) for each text. However, this is as difficult for you to understand as it is complicated for me. Therefore, I am charging all additional services per time spent on the respective task.

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