Per length of text

I am usually determining the number of Chinese characters when translating from Chinese. Punctuation characters, delimiting characters (blanks, tabulator characters, hyphens and dashes), digits and Latin characters are also counted as single characters because I need to put all those characters at their correct position within the text.

When translating from English, I am usually determining the number of words, in which numbers are counted as words. Punctuation and delimiting characters are not counted separately but are included in my fee per word.

Per time spent

Alternatively, I will quote you an hourly fee that is the same for all services and I will charge all my services based on the time that I estimate for each service. I will submit an individual quotation with a fixed total fee or a maximum total fee. The advantage of this is that you as a client will know my fees for translating your text before I start working. I am charging the following services per time spent only:

  • OCR conversion
  • OCR review
  • Revision
  • Proofreading
  • Post-editing
  • Formatting
  • Other additional services

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