Discounts, my friend, be told, are often added before they can unfold.

We can discuss anything, even my fees. But do not expect any miraculous discounts on my quotations. I have calculated my fees fairly to sustain my very subsistence. Someone who grants discounts too often or too high will lose credibility.

Discounts for matches and repetitions

Computer-aided translation (CAT) software – not to be confused with machine translation – is storing so-called translation units, i. e. a sentence of the source text matched to a sentence of the target text. Translation units like this may be re-used in future translations as so-called matches. Sometimes a sentence in the source text differs more or less from the stored translation unit. Units like this may also be re-used as so-called fuzzy matches.

Sometimes, a sentence occurs several times in the source text. These are the so-called repetitions that computer-aided translation (CAT) software can analyse.

But still, all matches and/or repetitions have to be verified in their own context. Therefore I, in principle, do not grant discounts for matches and/or repetitions. Unless they result in measurable savings of time. So, discounts for matches and/or repetitions are always specific to a certain project.

Bulk discounts

I do not grant discounts for large projects because the time I have to spend translating 1,000 words is identical, whether the total length of the project is 5,000 or 100,000 words.

Express processing fee

I am usually working during regular business and office hours. At some point, my physical and mental capabilities will be exhausted and, like every other human being, I need some time to recover. Because your translation will not benefit if I lack the concentration. If the date and time when you would like to receive the translation requires me to work in a period for which I have planned recovering or leisure activities, I will charge an express processing fee that depends on your requirements and the circumstances.

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